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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Holy crap, I actually have a few moments to breathe. Just long enough to get a few points down before I have to go to town to get a lasagna, and then try to finish a (hopefully) wicked slide show, both for tomorrow's grade 8 graduation at my school.

Before I really begin, let me just say that Little Miss Higgins was super-endearing and mega-entertaining on Sunday night. A couple video clips are already up on YouTube and on my Facebook... I'll post 'em here with some pics and pointers later.

Anyway... I had an interesting thought whilst at trivia on Friday; isn't it ironic (don'tcha think?) that farmers are buried when they die? Like, they spend their whole life planting stuff, and then, when their days are done, they're planted, too. It got me to thinking about ideal farewells for people of all professions. A crop duster, for instance, would be cremated then dusted over fields by a plane. A fisherman would be buried at sea, perhaps in a trap. What do you think would be some other appropriate ways to go?
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Anonymous archaeologist mel said...

As an arcaheologist, what would be done with me?

12:30 am  
Anonymous archaeologist mel said...

Good Lord - so traumatized by today's events, I can't even spell. I mean archaeologist.

12:32 am  

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