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Sunday, May 17, 2009

I just saw that Little Miss Higgins is coming to the Trailside Cafe next month. Awesome. Hopefully I can get her newest CD for a decent price (which can't be done online, as far as I've seen).


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Education Building

I'm working on finishing my application for a Master's program at UBC. It's for an MET degree, or Master's in Educational Technology.

I'm just finishing off the "professional and scholarly goals that you hope to achieve in this program" and "any other information you feel would be important to the Admission Committee in evaluating your application for this program" sections.

Any advice on what self-elevating information I should include?
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Weird Al" Yankovic

After a couple of great concerts in the last few weeks (by the way, I went to see Ashley MacIsaac & Sierra Noble in Georgetown just a week ago), I dug out a Notepad file I'd started ages ago. Basically, it's just a list of all the musical acts I've seen in my life, to the best of my memory. I know I'm missing a lot of them (probably mostly local groups), but if I knew which ones I was missing, I'd have listed them, wouldn't I? So... here's who I've seen, as far as I can remember...

Rawlins Cross
Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra
Great Big Sea
Wide Mouth Mason
Big Sugar
Big Wreck
Jeff Healey
Thrush Hermit
Burton Cummings
The Guess Who
The Miller Stain Limit
Weird Al Yankovic
Matt Good Band
I Mother Earth
Todd Kearns
Static In Stereo
Weeping Tile
Barra McNeils
Guy Davis
Treble Charger
Emm Gryner
Ron Sexsmith
The Amazing Crowns
The Flashing Lights
Kim Mitchell
David Usher
Jimmy Rankin
Blue Rodeo
Nathan Wiley
Remy Shand
The Rolling Stones
Sam Roberts
The Trews
April Wine
Gordie Sampson
Matt Mays & El Torpedo
La Chicane
Sass Jordan
Kathleen Edwards
The Isley Brothers
Justin Timberlake
Belushi / Aykroyd
The Tea Party
Hootie & The Blowfish
DJ Jazzy Jeff
Dayna Manning
Ron Hynes
The Tragically Hip
Cheap Trick
Serena Ryder
The Tom Fun Orchestra
Mark Trask & Mud Hill
Smothered In Hugs
The Sadies
The Divorcees
Ashley MacIsaac
Sierra Noble
Joel Plaskett
Billy Talent
State of Shock
Paper Lions
Chris Colepaugh & The Cosmic Crew
Tim Chaisson & Morning Fold
JJ Chaisson
Matt Andersen
The Rude Mechanicals
Eyes For Telescopes
Colin James
Craig Northey

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

This is how far the big piggy flu has reached.

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