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Thursday, April 30, 2009

How this swine flu really commenced...


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DEKALB COUNTY, GA - OCTOBER 21:  In this polic...

I like to think I'm a pretty good judge of character. Sometimes I get surprised, but I consider myself a good people-reader. After years of teaching and working in hospitality, I've got lots of experience, after all.

Tonight, I StumbledUpon a site called "Pick the Perp". Basically, you're given what the person was busted for, and you try to pick them out of five perp pics. After flirting with an above-statistical-odds average of 20%, I ended up with exactly that. Ten right out of fifty tries. Exactly what my starting odds were. Hunh.

Maybe you can do better.

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Spring has sprung, the grass has ris'! You know what that means... Montreal's out of the playoffs, Toronto never made it, and it's professional flux time! Yay!

By the end of next month, we could find out if schools are closing (11 are slated as possibilities). Our school's to be one of the receiving schools, so... whether we want all of the incomers or not, at least we're not closing. Thing is, though, we don't know if anyone's closing or not. Because of this, we're getting staffing numbers based on no closures. Now, our school only has... let me think... five full-time teachers, one half-timer, a counselor (at about... 17%), and another person at about 25 or 30%. Today we found out that if nobody closes, we're getting cut 1.3 full positions. Hmm. Wonder where I'll be next year... I'm already planning a potential move, but I have to get off my duff and get things in motion to help that along.

If anything changes, you'll know.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

After a click of the StumbleUpon button, I came to the conclusion that emotions are for the birds.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Joel Plaskett @ The Confederation Centre

This, as best as I can put it together, is the set list. By the way, if you happen to see them... could someone snag a set list and get all four of them to sign it for me at the merch table after the show? I totally could've done it last night but... just wussed out, I guess. The fact I didn't get a set list from this first show with his dad on tour... and probably could have... and that all four of them were out back before we even got out is eating me alive.

(Joel comes out solo)
True Patriot Love
Work Out Fine
Television Set
Face Of The Earth
Lazy Bones (girls join in)
You Let Me Down
A Million Dollars
Run, Run, Run
Precious, Precious, Precious
Penny For Your Thoughts
Through & Through & Through
Farmer's Daughter (Ana Egge)
Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Intermission :(

Love This Town (Bill & Joel only)
Heartless, Heartless, Heartless
Up Scotty Creek (?)(Bill's old Western solo song)
Nothing More To Say
Rewind, Rewind, Rewind (girls rejoin here, I think)
Deny, Deny, Deny
Pine, Pine, Pine
In The Blue Moonlight (after which all but Plaskett exit)
Radio Fly (shout-out request)
Spinning For You
Nowhere With You
All The Way Down The Line (Ana & Joel only)
Lost In The Valley (Rose Cousins)
Happen Now

Extraordinary (shout-out encore, Joel only... Rose makes brief cameo appearance)
Fashionable People (gals come back out)
Wishful Thinking (everyone takes part in the extended travellin' tune)

The show started just around 8, and counting the intermission (20 minutes), we got out around 10:30. The show was fabulous. Joel was very chatty, playful, and full of humour. They all seemed to have a blast.

(I'll elaborate later)
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I get to enjoy the kick-off of a great musical tour ce soir. Joel Plaskett launches his tour for Three at the Confederation Centre tonight with his dad, Rose Cousins, and Ana Egge. I've been looking forward to it since I got the tickets, and especially since I got the triple-disc album!

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cookie Monster's got 99 Problems But A Cookie Ain't One. If you've seen Jay-Z's orginal video or know the song, it makes it all the better. On its own, it's still a great potty-mouthed misuse of Muppetry.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

This is a student project (not one of mine... some chick on the 'Net). She took a Peaches song (so, of course, it's dirty, vulgar, and danceable), and mashed it up with some classic Muppets footage. I think it's one of the best (if not the best) Muppet mash-ups I've seen.
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Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...

I downloaded a new Firefox add-on today, called Zemanta. It sounds like a sleeping pill or something that would cure your itchy nose (but may cause blindness, heart attack, skin rash, or death... you know how medicines are). What it's for, though, is enhancing your blogs and emails. Basically, when I'm writing for either one, I have a couple of new windows now. A couple on the bottom display possible search term labels to tag onto this, and another one lets me make content links with one click. A long one on the right suggests linkable articles, pictures, and whatnot. It even makes sure to find ones that are legally free, so I don't have to worry about copyright infringements (not that I ever did, anyway). I'm hoping it'll increase hits from search engines, make it easier for me to add images, and enhance the whole end product. Let me know what you think in the next post or two!
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The best Blizzard there is... the Georgia Mud Fudge.

We're the king of Dairy Queen!

I knew it was busy, but wow. Apparently it generates 2.8 million per year in cold hard cash.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

This is gonna be goooood...

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Well, the week ended and we're all alive. Monday we went home early, due to the commenced storm. Tuesday was a storm day, 'cause we got a ridiculous amount of heavy snow overnight. Today, I saw it hit at least 17.5 degrees in the shade in my backyard. Man, that snow's a-retreatin'!

As for my class' new addition, they're def. starting to act up a little and push people's buttons. My only hope is that my kids are grounded enough to not get pulled down by this other one's antics. One piece of hope from Friday was one of my other kids telling them "... you think wrong." I can only hope they're a good influence. Still, I had an afternoon meeting yesterday, and I couldn't wait to go to trivia (which we won) to try the chicken curry nachos I'd heard about. They were good, but I think I can do 'em better.

Oh, by the way... I made you, yes, you, a playlist of Island music. Check it out!

This Wednesday marks my return to hosting trivia. It's smack-dab in the middle of two diff. days of presenting stuff in front of other teachers @ meetings (ie, very busy, short week), and it's not under 100% ideal conditions (start time is late... 9, only 10 beer to give away, etc.). If I woo 'em, I get to keep the regular trivia gig if I want it. If life gets busier next year (possible start of Master's and who knows what else), I may not want it, but it's fun and it's cash in hand. We'll see how it goes.

I'm reveling in some great new music. I picked up Joel Plaskett's Three, Smothered In Hugs' The Healing Power Of Injury, Neko Case's Middle Cyclone, and The Sadies' In Concert: Volume One, plus a couple of others from the library. I also got a book, which should be a great read, as it's a Dave Bidini book: Around the World in 57.5 Gigs.

Let's hope for more good weather, good entertainment, good kids, and good fortune.