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Monday, June 23, 2008

Slow Motion Baby Laugh

Saw this on Rob's blog and had to share. Rob thinks he discovered that crying is just slow laughing. I think the baby sounds like a stoner.

As a spin-off from a recent Holly post...
I ask you this; "So... what do famous, talented Canadian musicians do now?"

Well, they talk about copyright law with Shame-us O'Retard or they become an action-drama star. While watching Saf say his piece, seeing Hugh Dillon in the ad for the new show was just weird.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If family happens at Swiss Chalet, how come I never saw anyone screwin' there? Would they kick someone out if they tried? Do they have an alternate use for their bird basters in the back room? Like... a "clinical" use? Who thought this was a good slogan? Maybe that slogan would be better for a bunny ranch.

My love of eBay has been rekindled. I've been trying to get a good deal on The Sadies' New Seasons since I saw them a couple of weeks ago. Of course, I've checked eBay. I lost a couple of conservative auctions, but kept watching, and another popped up. It was one of those starts-out-at-a-penny ones. I've seen the one-cent auctions before, but when I won this one, I checked out the seller's store. Apparently, they were the first penny-auction people, and they have a crapload of CDs and other things for sale. I've been hooked on browsing their music! So far, in the last two days, I've bought:

The Sadies, New Seasons
The Police, newest 2-CD Anthology
Andrew W.K., The Wolf
Pride Tiger, The Lucky Ones
Jeremy Fisher, Goodbye Blue Monday

The total for these 5 titles (6CDs)? $26.66 Cdn. Ridiculous! I'm now just waiting for an auction to end tomorrow on a best-of Thin Lizzy CD and an older Serena Ryder disc (which I hope makes the 7-day cut for payment and group shipping).

I also saw a couple of autographed CDs at reasonable prices that call my name. MIA's Kala and Silverchair's Young Modern. If I wasn't so frugal and money conscious, I'd have clicked "buy now" already! Especially the Silverchair one, since I don't have that disc yet.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Holy shit. It's that time of year again. I'm so deep in marking crap that it's like when a kid craps soft-serve style in their diaper and it comes out the top. See, you can tell I have a ton of important time-sensitive stuff to do, 'cause I'm here. I must have, like, 15 full sets of things to mark or more. I do it to myself, but hey. I can still complain. Plus, there's lots of other end-of-year responsibilities to take care of. Sorting, counting, inventory (how about the entire library? seriously...), cleaning. I think I have to say a few words at the Gr. 8 grad. I don't really want to. Then, the night after our grad, I got invited to be the guest speaker for grad at the school I was at the 2+ years before this. It's not something huge, but since the kids asked for me, I take it as a really big compliment. Now I just have to decide what to write/say! I'll also have to walk the line of serious/useful/funny. Oh crap. The things to do. Plus, I'm trying to sort summer music out in my head, and C and I keep putting off booking our summer road trip! The plan is to go to Quebec City and come back via the Gaspe Peninsula in the new wheels. Any pointers?

Speaking of the new car, I picked it up on Friday! I like it muchly. I mean... I couldn't even wait to go to church this morning! I just wanted to get into it, smell the new car smell, turn the tunes up, and drive.

If you haven't picked up the new Sloan yet, you should. I think it's their best lately. It kind of fits between One Chord To Another and Navy Blues and Navy Blues and Pretty Together. It kind of flows together in spots the way PT does, but it's got the songs and feel that fit more into OCTA and NB. Jay's got this song called "Witch's Wand" in which Scott & Murphy chug along like ABBA, but the tune has enough clapping and rock to keep it in check. Love the piano. Quick, classic-sounding, pretty, & awesome.

Monday, June 09, 2008

I was just reading this article on how beer sales in Canada (still topping 8 billion) are dropping, while wine sales are on the rise. They broke it down, province-by-province (territories, too), and showed how much money each province spends on beer. They showed wine, too, but who cares. It's Canada. As much as those central Canadian weenies seem to like their wine, I'm going to focus on beer. So... I went to Wikipedia, looked up the populations, and figured out how much each area spends on beer per capita. It'd be better if I could figure it out per drinking age person, but this is ambitious enough. I wasn't about to go scouring Statscan to find out how many in each province were drinking age. So... the results?

The full list:
NL - $353.99, PEI - $251.71, NB - $293.00, NS - $291.09, PQ - $297.44, ON - $225.47, MB - $204.45, SK - $235.53, AB - $252.11, BC - $252.86, YK - $480.01, NT - $106.74, NU - $436.92
Canada - $253.04

Several things in these results are suprising:

  • NB and NS spend more on beer than PE? I guess we just drink more hard liquor.
  • MB drinks less beer than pansy ON? Weird.
  • What the heck is going on with NT? YK is ridiculously drunk, and NU isn't far behind, but why so dry in NT?

Anything stick out for you? I think I'll make some sausages, and have a Heineken.