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Friday, November 25, 2005

Here's one of them e-mail / blog / bulletin board challenge or inquiry things that I actually liked. It's short, easy, and (I think) kinda interesting.

If you read this post, I'd be intesrested in seeing what your answers are, too.
So, open up your favoured media player on your computer, and check out these Q's!


first - "The Gambler" - Kenny Rogers (for some odd reason)
last - "Zoom" - Fat Larry's Band

first - "Teeny Little Super Guy" - Sesame Street (0:14)
last - "Antennas To Heaven" - Godspeed You Black Emperor (18:57)*

first - ...And Out Come The Wolves - Rancid
last - Zoolander - Various Artists (just a Rufus W. song)

1. "I Want You Back (z-trip remix)" - Jackson 5 (from Motown remixed CD)
2. "Droit Devant" - Doba Caracol
3. "Yeah In The Shadows" - Go Home Productions
4. "Wonderwall" - Ryan Adams
5. "Wake Up Mr. West" - Kanye West

FIRST SONG THAT COMES UP ON SHUFFLE (set it to shuffle, closed it, then re-started the program)
"Calypso" - Robert Randolph & The Family Band

find “sex.” how many songs come up?- 24
find “death.” how many songs come up?- 20
find “love.” how many songs come up?- 161

* Longest single song. Doesn't count mixes and radio shows.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

It was cold standing there yesterday. It seems like it always is.
At least there was no snow, and the sun felt warm.
The crowd in Cardigan was as large as ever, which was nice to see.
I can't understand how anyone can drive by during the service.
Some people always seem to do it, though.
Don't they have any appreciation or at least general respect?
Every year, it seems as if there are fewer veterans there, which I find quite sad.
This year, people clapped when the veterans came and went.
A certain line from a Joni Mitchell song played on a loop in my head.
I'm glad that my mom's two uncles are still around.
As years go by, it almost seems to make me appreciate them more, at least at this time of year.
Still, though, I miss my grandfather.
If I could have anyone back that I'd ever lost, it would be him.
Not long before he died, when he was in the hospital and feeling fine, he'd tell me stories about the war that he'd never told me before.
I'd always wanted to hear more stories and learn more from him about his experiences.
I was always a little afraid to ask.
I wish I hadn't been.

For Halloween this year, I dressed up as "Dr. I. Yankem, Dental Surgeon", complete with name tag. I wore my old lab coat over my all-black attire, save for my silver / grey tie. Perhaps this fearsome idea came from my ever-nearing appointment with Dr. Mitton, the wisdom-teeth ripper.