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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tomorrow, I'm being observed while I teach one of my classes. It gets written up and put into my file. It's a normal thing. I just haven't had it happen in this manner yet. A little stressful, sure. So, I have to take some time today to really get ready for that class.

Friday was a good night at trivia. Had five extra people come. Some friends, one acquaintance, someone I know but neither of us know how, and a nice stranger. We lost. Three weeks in a row! Maybe I should go back to hosting instead of playing. Once we get our prize money from this year's regular season, maybe that's what I'll think about doing - finding a place that'll pay me to ask people questions.

Yesterday, tickets went on sale for the Aerosmith show in July. Online and phone routes were a no-go (busy signal / overloaded website), so we went to the CCC to get 'em in person. We waited in line for about a half an hour, and got our pair of tickets! Yeeha! The pair came to a total of $150. Even for just Aerosmith, that'd be not too shabby, but the concert is a 10-hour whole-day thing. Can't wait!

As McAree, AKA "Denny Crane", inquired yesterday, no, I did not see the NFL draft. Well, I saw about 27 seconds of it, in which I saw footage of one man patting another man on the ass. This goes on far too much in the NFL, and is one of my primary reasons for hating it.

Yesterday was Tim L's stag party. I thought he would last at least until after 12, with some folks going downtown. Not the case. He was passed out sometime between 9-9:30! Wow. We'll have to tell him how his stag was later. It was pretty fun! Lots of beer, meat, smokes, chips, a mini-keg, even liquor with small animals in it. Even though Lynch was the first to go down, a couple more followed. I think Rob is probably feeling the worst today, given that he swallowed the grubs from both wee bottles that Neal said tasted like antiseptic / rubbing alcohol. He disappeared quietly. I think it was him who was in the bathroom with the door closed. Probably asleep on the floor. He did have the quote of the night, though. He swayed into the garage, sat on the couch, and said something like, "Eh whatya talk a maja wuh. Hunh? PUSSIES! PUSSIES! PUSSIES!" I think he was referring to the fallen stag soldiers who went before him. Neal and I got a ride downtown with Shane, and we went to Bourbon's House of Blues just to say we had a drink there. There was us, and three other people, plus Joey Kitson and another guy. Good tunes, nice intimate place. We left, and ran into Big Andy on Kent Street. He gave us a ride across the bridge to Stratford. Woohoo! Free trips galore!

OK, time to do some work and hydrate myself somehow. No, not water. It's no fun.

Some things just came back to me... I can remember mouthing along to the lyrics of Starhip's "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" as we pulled up to Neal's. I must've been somewhat drunk. It was on the radio, though. I wasn't totally FUBAR'd. Good thing I decided not to drive home (not like I was thinking of it)! Big Andy's car didn't have a rear-view mirror, either. Did he say he bought it for $50? I also remember Rob licking spilled liquor from the table during Three-man more than once. He also squeezed out a napkin into his mouth and his glass. Good times.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

"A SELF-PROCLAIMED Zimbabwean prophet accused of rape reportedly pulled a piece of magic on police officers by producing a live snake "out of the blue".
Oscar Chimusoro from Rushinga district stunned officers when a puff udder slithered into Rushinga Police Station on Wednesday last week amid scenes of "pandemonium", the Herald newspaper reported."

I found that mistype kind of funny. Like the story. And this headline:

My teenage boyfriend cheated on me with teacher, says mother of three

In other news, The White Stripes will cost $42.50 plus whatever taxes / charges. I don't like that too much. I may spend the money on the main event of the Jazz & Blues fest, which was just announced: David Clayton-Thomas. That's pretty cool. July just gets more ridonculous. It's like a year's worth of music crammed into a month! Three of the FOL's acts are to be announced tomorrow. To keep with my choppy writing today, Aerosmith's $59.50 tickets come to $75 with "charges". Stupid. But... still pretty damn reasonable, I think.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

So far, the summer's stackin' up to be pretty bitchin' music-wise!

June30 - July 02 - Festival of Lights (one act TBA tomorrow)
July 11 - White Stripes @ The Civic Centre
July 13 - Shoreline (Ron Sexsmith, plus whoever else. I won't go though, 'cause it's Shoreline.)
July 21 - Aerosmith (plus whoever else is opening)
July 22 - Alexisonfire (Plus others. I won't go though, 'cause it's Alexisonfire. And all ages. (shudder))

Also, the Jazz & Blues Fest will be on, Gordie Sampson will be around, Matt Andersen... how'm I gonna budget all this in?! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Monday, April 23, 2007

Ahh... a nice warm 23 in my backyard this evening! It's not going to last, but it's pretty sweet for now!

So what's shakin'? My job's still in limbo. No idea what my employer's staffing plans are for next year yet. Crap.

I went for a walk yesterday and today, about an hour each time. Our road's nice to walk on. There's a smallish man-made dam/waterfall/fish ladder not too far up it, and a nice large stream down a steep ravine that's nice to listen to.

I'd like this shirt. And this one. I'll be your friend if you buy one of them for me. Large. I'll at least add you as a friend in Facebook. Speaking of which, I'm still really hooked on Facebook. This is probably a direct influence on fewer postings here. (shakes fist at Facebook, and then apologizes while caressing it)

Sheryl Crow said
, "Now, I don't want to rob any law-abiding American of his or her God-given rights, but I think we are an industrious enough people that we can make it work with only one square per restroom visit, except, of course, on those pesky occasions where 2 to 3 could be required." Obviously, Sheryl Crow doesn't understand my ass. Or hand hygiene.

Tim L. has a stag party on Saturday. Woo! Can't wait. I hope I get just the right amount of drunk. Not sick, but not sober. Oh, I'm ambitious.

I wish my signed copy of Joel Plaskett's Ashtray Rock would hurry up and arrive. I'm also eagerly anticipating Feist's new CD next week.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A guy I know from high school just became the lead singer of a new band in town. Before their first show a couple of days ago, the band asked people on the PEILocals board to come up with a name for them. Many names were offered, and in the end, they chose Intoxicado. I think it may have been their own name idea. I didn't go back through the posts to check. Pretty good name, I guess. If you want to, you can see video on YouTube of them playing their first-ever gig, at Hunter's Ale House.

Here are some of the names I offered (for free!) to them:
Man Fuzz
Sack O' Dudes
Stinky Pockets (for a bluesier route)
Rocking Heads
The FUBAR Four
Bad Engrish
Hurry Hard
Cock Lobster
Cardboard Riot

And then, some classic CBC-inspired choices:
Friendly's Cat Band
Electric Haymen (as a play on the Muppets' band)
Husk Musk
The Eradicators
The Nature of Strings
Relic & The Jetboats (or just The Jetboats)
Swamp Sex Robots
The Littlest Mofo

I also think that, in my Blogger profile, I must have the best names in the world for their proposed band set-up: "Come up with some possible band names for your group that features a washboard and a styrofoam tuba." - Cholorofluorozydeco, Honkscratch Fever

If you were to come up with a name for a band, CBC-inspired or not, what would it be?

Friday, April 20, 2007

There! This should keep you entertained and busy for this Friday!

The Mini-Pops - Video Killed the Radio Star (song download)

Rocket Rescue (fun game)

Christina Aguilera opens up to the press

How to win at Rock, Paper, Scissors

Poor Kermit (video)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The time, she is a-flyin' by! Only 46 days of school left. Not even eight six-day cycles!
This year, I get to go on the end-of-year Halifax trip with the 7/8 class. That'll be fun. But... I could be going on an even better trip next March Break. A co-worker / friend of C's asked if she and I would like to help chaperone an educational trip with her and her hub next March. We'd be going with students on a 1-6 ratio, so we need 24 to sign up for both of us to be able to go (for free, essentially). After the meeting tonight, it doesn't look good for me. Not for free, anyway. Only about 10 kids are signed up so far. If I have to pay my own way, it'd be about $3,200. If I think of it as C and I both getting to go for that price, it's not so bad. Especially considering the trip. It'd be 7 nights, breakfasts and suppers included, planned activities, tour guide the whole way through, all that kind of thing. The location? Vatican City / Rome, Florence, and the French Riviera / Monaco. Maybe Pompeii, too. So, I could get to see things like:

Oh, by the way... pretty much anyone can come. Wanna tag along and help me go for cheap? :D

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So, Chunks was doin' this thing where someone asked her Q's and she answered 'em on her blog, and then offered to ask other folks Q's to answer on their own blog, so I was like, "Yeah, sign me up, beotch," and she was like, "Sure, remind me of your email addy," and I was like, "OK, here it is, fire away!" and here we are. If you'd like me to formulate some Q's for you, just lemme know!

1. If you weren't a teacher, what profession would you have chosen to be in and why?

I still kind of consider this from time to time! I think I wanted to be a marine biologist for awhile. Must've been influenced by Danger Bay and kid-geared science mags like World and all that, or something. I often consider a change still... but more towards something creative. I think I would be kick-ass at an ad agency. I could sell bacon to a pig, I'm sure of it. I also toy with the idea of writing books, particularly kids' ones. I have an idea or two for older readers, too. Acting or playing music'd be boss, too.

2. If you could live anywhere on earth, other than where you are currently living, where would you choose to be?

I would think... perhaps... somewhere in the islands of BC (not before Christ, the other one), or maybe New Zealand? I'd want to be near the water and somewhere fairly countryish.

3. When are you and Mrs. Steverino gonna make some babies? (I have a fixation today)

Ooo, hot topic. She's kind of itchin', where, right now, at this moment, I don't really care... to have one, that is. Oh, I dunno... maybe I do. I like things the way they are now, though. I don't know how I'd react to a kid I couldn't give back to their parents when they bother / inconvenience me. How selfish does that sound? We'll have one or two, I imagine, and I bet it'll be awesome and all that, but I can't see us even trying for a little while yet. None will arrive in the next 9 months, guaranteed. How's that?

4. What is your biggest regret? What is the thing you are most proud of accomplishing in your life?

Biggest regret? Hmm. I don't think I have toooo many. I had to turn down WMM one night. That sucked. They invited me to stay and eat with them between soundcheck and the show, but I told a friend I'd pick him up and take him to the first class of the semester that night. Instead of chillin' with WMM again and all that, I drove my friend and I to class. Oh well. I've missed a few concerts I regret over the years. There's people I wish I'd asked out. Not 'cause I'm not happy now, which I am, but just 'cause I'm curious about what may have been. A couple of gals I went to school with inquired about my "status" or told me they were sweet on me (when I was too! ...on them, I mean), and I had no idea. Maybe not travelling more / using pre-parent time well. I may have to think on this regrets thing some more. I can't think of any big ones right now.

Proud accomplishments: Marriage. University degrees. Being on The TPB. Winning years of trivia. Writing lessons for local and national online projects (, plus being the lone teacher from the Island in a CIDA / Royal Cdn. Geographic Society project). Playing music in the past. School projects / things I've written over the years. Making a difference (I hope) for some students and a certain challenged co-worker years ago.

5. If you were on Survivor, what luxury item would you choose to bring with you and why?

I'd like to say a gun, for obvious reasons, but I'd probably be arrested after the show. Um... maybe I'd bring my Sansa. Music to keep me sane and block out annoying people.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Three Ps for your word-pod:

Polecat - synonym for "cougar", which is an older woman "out on the prowl"
Polekitten - a younger polecat-in-training
Prostitot - a kid / girl who dresses all old and hoochie... not old enough to be a skank


Sweet Mother of God, this site is addictive. I've reconnected with or run into people I hadn't seen in years. I found out an Iron-Maiden-jacket-wearing dude from high school is now a foreign missionary (always was a nice guy), a friend of mine got engaged (the seemingly impossible), and I found my namesake in Ireland. And that's just for starters!

Did I ever mention I loved my Mrs.?

I'm listening to Jale

Ah, sweet jangly Halifax pop memories.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

(I thought the Aerosmith pic I posted before was bad. This one's WAY worse.)

Could Mötley Crüe be one of the openers for Aerosmith in July? If so, holy flurking shnit! Aerosmith alone is big news (esp. for only sixty bones), but the to-be-named openers could really ramp this show up to another level. I damn well better get tickets to this one!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Aside from a couple of other as-of-yet unmentioned possibilities, some names being thrown around for the 2007 Festival of Lights are:

Finger 11
Sheryl Crow
Arcade Fire

You can see discussion at PEI Info.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The whole article is a little interesting, but I liked this partial quote:

"We had always assumed that it was done by a soldier on wartime exercise, or by a Canadian..."

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I was thinking today (odd, I know)... you know how some people get offended when people call different sections of humanity a "race"? Nobody gets offended when you call a group of folks a "walk of life". Wouldn't people be more offended at being called a "walk of life" instead of a "race"? Like, they're not fast enough to keep up and be a race, so they'll just have to walk? And why are these different strains of the populous referred to in terms of bipedal means of transportation? Where are we all going? Think about it... OK, that's enough. Don't overthink it. What are your thoughts?

Monday, April 09, 2007

Phew! What a few days it's been! I'm going to have to go day-by-day here to get it all in.

Last day of school with the kiddies on account of Easter. Wohoo! We went to trivia tonight, which was pretty packed, and we tied for second (for the night). Every team seems to know that the location of trivia is changing starting next week, but the host hasn't publicly said a thing. It seems shady, or makes it seem so sneaky... like we're all stealing away in the middle of the night, leaving the place to be surprised next week when nobody shows up. Ah well. Hopefully the new place'll be OK, even if the drinks and food will be more expensive. I thought we'd get our money tonight, too, which we didn't. No mention of the regular season being over. Didn't like that at all. I want my glory! I asked the host before I left if he'd be handing out the prizes next week, and he said yes, so... hopefully I'll have some more cash in my pocket come Friday.

Made it to church. Other than that, I really didn't do much of anything today. I should have, given what was coming.

I did some sweeping/vacuuming today... or was that yesterday? Anyway, I did a little stuff. I finished a video game to 100% completion. Then, I got ready to go to my cuz's to watch THE hockey game. Now, there was a winter storm / blizzard warning. The grass was brown-green, the temp was mild, there were almost no signs of winter anymore. Spring was here! Then it started to snow with a lot of wee flakes. This is of course a bad sign. You may know the saying, "little snow, big snow". Thinking I may have a poor ride back, or may even get storm-stayed, I went anyway. The snow kept on a-comin'. Even after the first period, just a couple of hours, a ride home looked iffy. Now, about the game... If my Habs lost in regulation, they would miss the playoffs. If the Leafs won, they'd make it as long as the Isles didn't win on Sunday. Well, the Habs came back from being down 3-1, to being up 5-3, to losing 6-5. Fuck. Some more hockey was watched, beer was drank, laughs were had... it was OK. I'm over it. Slept on the couch as the friggin' storm of the year was ragin' outside.

Holy crap, all the snow (Boomer said today that it was 37cm)! I woke up and got a stick of gum to neutralize the beer and chips flavour in my mouth. There was much snowing and blowing and partial burying of vehicles going on. There was little to no plowing, though, as half the winter road workers or so were laid off for the year. Dept. of Transportation and RCMP tell people to stay off the roads. What does this mean? Attemptedroadtripintotowntofindfood! Woo! We found Maid Marian's to be the only place open, so we had b-fast there. Awesome, filling breakfast, with much casual cursing conversation. Thank goodness we had Neil's 4x4 truck. We may have starved at Neal's otherwise. Now, the problematic thing about today was our playoff hockey pool. It was supposed to be at 2. I in no way wanted this to go off today. Travelling from town way out into the country, through some notoriously poor sections of road (in a storm), just to get to a pool which could have been done next week, seemed utterly fuckin' ridonculous to me. Risk getting stranded or death to pick a pool team? Sure! Holy fuck. We, partially smartly, delayed it until 5. One of us (you know who you are, as you read this) left early to venture out to their home that way. They phoned back and said the roads were great, but visibility was poor. I could handle that. No slippin', but a slow trip. No problem. We left not too long after that, and, boy, had things changed. Snowdrifts, patches of ice, total white-outs, slush... it was all there. A couple of roads were totally impassable / invisible, so we had to take a different route. Nerve-wracking? A little. Stupid? Absolutely. A little fun? In retrospect, yeah, I guess. So, we arrived after the trip with a little time to spare before the draft started. The power was off, but it wasn't cold. For the first time in any pool, I got to pick first! Wohoo! So, who did I pick? My playoff picks are: Briere, Bertuzzi, Spezza, Naslund, Roberts, Ouellet, Sullivan, Salo, Stafford, Timonen, Bouchard, Sillinger, Kuba, Morrow, and Rachunek. By the time the pool was over (in record time, on account of missing persons), the power was back on, the Leafs were out of the playoffs, and the weather had greatly improved. All was well. We made it back to town fine, and I drove home as quickly as I could. Good weekend, but nice to be home with C. Hey, I missed her & bein' home!

Clean up time. I had to go out and shovel out the driveway and get C's car out, which was half-buried. Not looking forward to that. So, after I woke up, I had some cereal and caught up on two days missed of online activities. But... while I ate... I heard a noise. It started in low... then it started to blow. It was a tractor with a snowblower! We haven't had anyone to do our driveway for all this winter and all last winter! The guy we had in our first winter here stopped doing it, but when our foreign neighbours moved in behind us, I guess they found him out and got him to come do their long driveway! I threw on some clothes, waved him over, reconnected with him, and asked him how much for one job. He said twenty bucks, I said right on! He made a bit of a mess of the lawn's edge by the deck, and whatnot, but it sure saved a ton of heavy scoopin'. I still had to dig a path from the step to the driveway, and get C's car out, and that was bad enough. Took over an hour of heavy shovel & scoopwork. I came in, had a shower, and relaxed for most of the rest of the day.

On account of the game and then the storm, this was only the second time in my life I've missed church on the weekend!

While reading my backlog of mail from one of my accounts, I saw that Maple Music was advertising Joel Plaskett's new CD, Ashtray Rock, as an autographed pre-order. I've missed on a few of these offers (on different artists) before, and was worried I'd miss out. The message was from Thursday! I went to Maple right away, and the offer was still on. Wohoo! I got the ol' VISA out, and ordered away. Can't wait to get it & hear it! (as a note, that offer is sold out now)

I'll leave anything I left out for some other time.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

So, the regular season for trivia ends tomorrow. Then there's a "playoffs" for a few weeks. It's just basically a much shorter season with the same cash prizes. Last year, my trusty trivia partner and I finished second (A third team member comes, too, but maybe only 25% of the time or something like that). That's pretty good, considering it's every week from Sept. to April, and most teams have an average of probably 5-6 players. Good for ego building. Leggo my ego!

Well, last week, my partner couldn't come, so I found some more than adequate stand-ins. The pressure was on! Standings were tight! And we won! With 1.5 points to spare! I still figured things were pretty tight, but the host told me after we won that this was the second last week for the regular season and that our team was far enough ahead that nobody could catch us next week (tomorrow)! So, we won for the whole year! Weehoo! I'll be on a total trivia ego trip now (well... I do have a pretty storied history). So, yeah... one more night of regular season trivia in the ol' haunt, and then we collect the cash prize! Hmm... what'll I spend it on? Suggestions?

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Junos were on last night! I almost forgot they were on, but I remembered with moments to spare (what's that tell ya?). So, much like I did for the ECMAs, let's do a somewhat rapid-fire account of my thoughts on the show (I wrote 'em on stickies). Forgive me if I mix my tenses. I have real work to do!

Nelly flying in like a bird... W.T.F.? Hey, she mentioned Wide Mouth Mason, cool! Then she named Chris Murphy (of Sloan) as being from the prairies. Wrong! I bet he told her that. Nelly left me feeling underwhelmed (if that's a word) right off the bat.

Billy Talent came on right after her, and they looked and sounded great. The set and lighting design were awesome. Cool reds and greens among the gnarled branches of the trees onstage and the church windows. Nice. Man, we kick American music's ass.

Blackie & The Rodeo Kings came out to present some R&B award. Wilson seemed pretty jovial. Congrats to Fearing on his win. Anyway, in this category, has anyone ever heard of Deesha or Karl Wolf before? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? I thought so. Glad jackSoul won. Let's move on.

K-Os. Did he mean to rip off Neon Bible's cover as a backdrop for "Sunday Morning"? As an Islander, I'm impressed he got through the whole song. I used to quite like him, but I find him (although still eclectic) to be getting a little stagnant. He comes off as quite a bland performer. He needs a Canadian hype man... Flavour Flav. I thought it was pretty funny when he sang, "This show is propaganda." You're right, Kheaven, they're trying to sell us you! Weak way to try and deliver your "indie" message, man. What was with the cheerleaders? Why did you look like an adult Mini-Pop? Why did you try and smash your guitar after your non-energetic song? Ha ha ha ha! The announcer's cutting off your guitar-smashing! Ba ha ha. Why am I now writing this as if it were an open letter to you? I dunno. I'd better move on.

Nelly won the Fan Choice award, as presented by Doritos girl. Hmm... maybe K-Os has a small point. Nelly is still cute, at least. Who is Gregory Charles? Does this man have fans?

Hey, Colin James and Rick Hansen! It's a BC invasion! Wow... 20 years since Hansen's tour. I remember shaking his bandaged hand in Bridgetown. Cool memory.

Three Days Grace, with their song about getting their van rear-ended on PEI last year, "Pain". The acoustic treatment was fine, but the full rock treatment is where it's at. Not bad.

Nelly as "Tia Maria". Nelly, did you write this? It's not very good.

Sam Roberts, at this point, came out with a 12-year-old who was just a smidge shorter than him. Stephen Fisher did a little "American Woman", and really rocked it out! Kid was good!

Patrick Watson. Who? OK, but sounds like too much other stuff. Guitarist had a cool Nordiques shirt, though. The guitarist and Watson spazzed out too much at the end.

Billy Talent won group of the year. Nice suspenders, Ben Kowalewickalikachikz.

The Hip were good! Not too weird and whacked out at all. Maybe Rock on stage served as Downie's artistic conscience.

Even though I don't know anything by Tomi Swick, I'm glad he won Best New Artist, considering his competition. Knowing who he's toured with and whatnot, I bet he's good. I'd better check him out... in a musical way!

Nelly's medley started out pretty nasally. In those tights, she looked like Stephanie Kaye from Degrassi. Overall, she still sounded good, and can look all gorgeous when she's all done up. Her new hidden weapon is now Saukrates. Smart on her part. Not so smart when she drops him for Thrust on her next album.

Bob Rock got an award. Good for him. He has produced some good albums.

Nelly's "Promiscu-mess" video. Was that Alfie Zappacosta in the white fur hat? Maybe he was still hanging around the Vancouver aquarium after his video shoot on Danger Bay, and Nelly picked him up for her own shoot. Again, Nelly, not very funny / good.

Billy Talent won again, this time for rock album. I like 'em, but Sloan, Sam Roberts, or The Hip would have been better choices.

City & Colour / Alexisonfire. Green has an amazing voice. I'd love to hear him in something more dynamic. No, not like the band. More like his own band. I know he has a solo album! He needs his own band. With ups and downs and different styles. Alexisonfire still sound, to me, like screamo shit. That barking ruins it all. Somehow, though, it works for them, and I don't hate them. They always come off as bigger than the sum of their parts. At least they stick to their guns and do what they want to do. They sound just shy of a good arena band.

Gregory Charles... sold 160,000 in three weeks? Holy crap! French artists have an unreal amount of success in their own province. It's ridiculous, and wrong. Many of those artists aren't that good. The last new good one I remember hearing was Doba Caracol. This Charles guy is like a couple parts Jon Secada, a little A. Bocelli, Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and a styled unibrow from Bert. That brow was something to behold.

Another Degrassi commercial... is it wrong that girls kissing on Degrassi is kind of hot (at least on that brunette's side of things)? That brunette's done it before on the show, too (it was better then). This could never have happened in my Degrassi generation. Stephanie and Voola would never have locked lips. Melanie and Kathleen would be the only possibility, and only if they got into Kathleen's mom's liquor. That would have been no good, anyway.

Did Nickelback win no awards? Someone tell me. If not, sweeeeet. Chad Kroeger is one weird lookin' man.

Album of the year was sponsored by someone, too? That's classless. CBC wouldn't have done that. Give the show back to CBC and take it away from Mulroney! Nelly gives very bad speeches, especially when she's reading them. "Um... um... um... ... um..."

To round out the eve was DJ Champion, with the song "No Heaven". I downloaded that tune today, but it wasn't nearly as good as that live version last night. That was stellar! It was like Martha Wainwright... Joplin... NO! like Grace Slick singing over a bit of a Chemical Brothers beat, with some guys playin' a 70's western boogie riff. High energy, and rockin'! If anyone sees that tune from last night's broadcast as a download, let me know!

And so ended the 2007 Junos. The ECMAs were better by far.

It's a done deal!

(Corniest Aerosmith photo ever? Maybe. I didn't know John Tesh played bass for them.)

Looks like it'll be Love In An Elevator for the province with one pair of escalators.

Legendary U.S. recording band Aerosmith will rock the Charlottetown Driving Park Entertainment Centre on Saturday, July 21.
David Carver, the show's promoter, said tickets will be $60 each, plus taxes and service charges.
"Charlottetown is one of only four North American cities on Aerosmith's summer world tour,' Carver said Monday morning. The only U.S. dates on Aerosmith's tour are in California.
Carver said the concert will be 10 hours and the remainder of the lineup will be announced later.

Cool. And, at $60 a pop, that's really, really reasonable. That'd be a good price just to see Aerosmith! I wonder who else will be on the bill... will this be where The White Stripes show up? Will the Guess Who play as previously rumoured? This is awesome news!

Official site of the show

Sunday, April 01, 2007

So, we had a little family get-together this weekend at my aunt & uncle's, just a road over. All of the bros and sisses on my dad's side were there, which is a rare occurrence. They're here, they're in Skatch, Ontario, Denmark (more on that later). There was much food, many photos, & too much talk about school. The basement there got a nice renovation. I'm thinking something just like it for ours. Nice bar, good hiding of jackposts.

The funniest story from it was from my sis. After church, as she was strapping her 1-year-old son into the car, my 4-year-old niece asked something like, "Were there any girl disciples? I know there was Mary Magdalene, but was she one of Jesus's (how she said it) disciples?" She's pretty funny, that one.

So yeah. About that other thing above. My aunt in Denmark is also a teacher. During one of the chats about school (too many teachers in the fam), I was talking about my uncertainty next year, and C's stress. She got to talking about their system over there, and how it's much more about teaching and not all the other garbage that can come with it here... how good the kids are in her district, how rewarding their staffs find it... you get the idea. Anyway, she said how there's always a need for high school specialists over there, and that we could pretty much decide where we'd like to teach. I'd had an offer like that about six years ago from England, but I never went. Well, considering my recent career instability and C's dissatisfaction... we thought maybe we could both go now. We seriously asked her what the chances would be like for the two of us, and she said that me, with my science and tech, and C, with her math, would be shoe-ins. Now, folks... nothing's written in stone, yet. Nothing's been signed or anything. But... we talked about it after we got home, and we're decided. Steverino and the Mrs. are goin' Danish. We're going to keep our house here, and live at my relative's there for the first year, but we're open to it perhaps becoming permanent. You probably won't see tooooo much of a difference here, but it looks like I could be one-upping Chunks and making a big move in a few months.
So, if you were thinking of visiting us or the Island, do it in the next 4 months!