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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This must be the worst book ever. That's not me in the pic, of course, I just found pics of this story online. I think the book must've been written by some (abused) well-intentioned employee of, like, some child and family services group. They covered a lot of ground in it! Let me just say that, as bad as the last page makes it seem, it's really much, much worse than it looks. Enjoy!

Monday, August 27, 2007

They tried to make you go to rehab
You said, "No, no, no"
Now you're bloodied and black, you should've gone back,
You stubborn ho, ho, ho

You'll die any time
Even if you think you're fine
Just suck it up and go to rehab
You should go, go, go

What's so great being home with Ray?
He can't save you every day
'Cause there’s no way, no way that you'll get sa-aved
By a paramedic Donnie Hathaway

You're not showing lots of class
Since you're out of it kickin' Blake's poor a-ass.

They're trying to make you go to rehab
You say, "No, no, no"
Now you're bloodied and black, you should've gone back,
You stubborn ho, ho, ho

You'll die any time
Even if you think you're fine
Just suck it up and go to rehab
You should go, go, go

The man said, "Why you think you here?"
Why would you have an idea
You're whacked out... you're acting like a baby
'Cause you always keep a bottle near

Maybe it's just that you’re depressed
Success? Hit tunes?
Why you such a mess?

They're trying to make you go to rehab
You say, "No, no, no"
Now you're bloodied and black, you should've gone back,
You stubborn ho, ho, ho

You should never ever drink again
You just, ooo, need some friends
You should go and spend 10 weeks
To get yourself finally on the mend

Is it just your pride?
Pride's no good if you have died.

They're trying to make you go to rehab
You say, "No, no, no"
Now you're bloodied and black, you should've gone back,
You stubborn ho, ho, ho

You'll die any time
Even if you think you're fine
Just suck it up and go to rehab
You should go, go, go


Oh, Amy... you of such incredible talent and equally incredible demons and weak will. Why haven't you just gone and gotten yourself sorted out somewhere? I mean, you've got to see that you're not too capable of getting it started on your own. Get some help, and get to where you can control yourself. You owe it to yourself, and the I'm-sure-it'll-be-retro-fab follow-up to Back To Black.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

It was a record low temp in C-town last night. The first leaves started to change a few days ago. And, the real clincher is that the milk I bought yesterday has a best before of September 1st. That's how I gauge the summer's passing / school's advent. Everything's OK until the milk says September. And, now that it has, I would like to say this... BALLS. I do not want to go back to school... rather, I'm really not looking forward to starting all over again with new subjects in a new school with new staff and kids I've never met. It's a bit nerve-wracking. Tomorrow is when it all begins. I have a Lang. Arts inservice tomorrow. But, tonight is trivia. It's kind of the kick-off for the local agricultural fair 'round where I grew up. We won last year. Hopefully we can do it again! Apparently, some people even grumbled when we won last year. They thought we were outsiders 'cause most of the team was from about 20 mins away. This is kind of funny, 'cause I grew up just a few kms away from the fairgrounds. I'm such a foreigner! Ah well. Goodbye, summer. It's time to bid you adieu tonight after some trivia fun (cue my sobbing).

C was getting a couple of Superbad tickets so I could get us a drink. Once the line had evaporated, I made my order. One Coke slushie. I noticed that the price of the Coke slushie I asked for was $4.30. I handed "Trainee" two toonies and a couple of quarters. He stared holes through them in his cupped hand. The confusion was written all over his face. He fidgeted in the till as the seasoned teenager behind him watched on. He eventually gave me four nickels. He wasn't sure about how to pour a proper slushie, so he asked the girl behind him to do it. She didn't know what my order was, though. Would it be orange? Or Coke...

Trainee: What colour of slushie do you want?

Me: Coke.

Monday, August 20, 2007

We had quite the little storm again this weekend. A couple of weekends ago saw ridiculous amounts of lightning, rain, and even some hail. There's been a couple of scattered bumps since then, too. Yesterday, around 5:30 or so, you could see this stuff moving in. Minutes after I took this pic, it just dumped rain, and hailed like a bugger. I took video, and more pics, but... dial-up, you know.

A bit earlier, Environment Canada said they saw this in the same area you see above:

No real tornadoes were reported, but there were apparently many twister-like water spouts.
Here's a couple of pics, but there are more here.

The countdown continues... I really am going to have to get a Wii, aren't I? I must contact a certain techie friend of mine...
I wonder if I can make this wireless controller look like Shaun's first Nighthawk?
Some new songs have been added since last I posted on this, too:

Poison - Talk Dirty To Me
Bret Michaels Band - Go That Far
The Killers - When You Were Young
Santana - Black Magic Woman
The Stone Roses - She Bangs The Drums
Velvet Revolver - She Builds Quick Machines

Click here for the current up-to-date soundtrack, as well as pretty much anything else you need to know about Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (although most tracks aren't by "legends").

Friday, August 17, 2007

This place just seems wrong. Sure, it's better than throwing things away, but wouldn't it be better if it was some kind of center where people could pick up things they can prove belong to them? Even with some sort of handling fee? What am I talking about? Oh, it's the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama. Basically, it's a store that takes up about the same amount of space as a city block. They buy lost/unclaimed luggage and cargo from airlines and then sell it. This is why it seems wrong. If I lost something through an airline, I'd damned well better get it back, and not have some redneck Yank sporting a Kentucky waterfall buy my stuff at a discounted rate... while these other folks make a profit! It's absolutely ridonculous. I mean... there's personal items, clothes, electronics, jewelry (like a 40+ carat natural emerald, for example)... people don't have a right to buy other people's stuff! The only evidence on this site of anything just is right on their front page. In one of the pics that fades in, they show a stack of CDs including 98° and N'Sync. Lost. Yeah, right! Abandoned! You can keep those items, Alabamians! And if you pay for 'em, justice has been served.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hump Day. Sure, it's still every Wednesday for the Monday to Friday work force, but in a Russian region of Ulyanovsk, THE Hump Day (or Day of Conception) will be September 12th. People get the day off work for a little rumpy humpy, and if they "give birth to a Patriot" nine months later, on the nation's June 12th birthday, they can win stuff like money, a vehicle, appliances, electronics, and the like. Nutty. I don't know about you, but a chance to win a new Жаутаg washing machine wouldn't get me procreating.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I saw this site today, and thought you may find it interesting. Yes, you. Who else do you think is reading this right now? It's the World Clock. Basically it gives expected/projected real-time updates of stats like births, deaths, extinctions, reforestation, etc. It's kind of neat. Keep in mind that some of the stats are only from the last 225 days or so (depending on when you're actually reading this). So, when you look at something like extinctions, and think it's low, it is.

It's a bit like this version of the old site, Cost of War, which shows, in real time, how much the US is spending on the war, and what else that money could have bought. Like 4, 069, 987 housing units.

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Has it really been 20 years? Oh, sweet jeebus. Things like this are such obvious signs of aging. Even after 20 years, though, sometimes you can still learn something new about an artist or group. I just learned the story behind the womanly sounds in "Rocket Queen". Adler cheated on his girlfriend, and she wanted to get back at him. So, she and Rose got into the studio and started shagging, having someone record the sounds all the way. Axl reportedly barked at her in mid-shag, demanding she stop faking it and make it sound real. Well, I guess there were some genuine orgasmic sounds that were produced, and that's what made it onto the record. Adler didn't even find out until after this time where the sounds came from. For some reason or another, he wasn't very happy. The "lady" of the story also claims this incident caused her to go into depression and use drugs. Right. Like she wasn't into drugs before being with a dude in GNR. As for the depression, it probably came about from not being with a dude in GNR, and having to latch onto some bloke from Cinderella or Winger.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm a little obsessed this summer. Ever since I played Guitar Hero II while on the 7/8 trip in June, all I want to do is have Guitar Hero for my very own. Once I got through "Strutter" in the store after a couple of tries, I've been hooked. Another thing I've been very curious about (but not obsessed, 'cause I've never played one) is the Nintendo Wii. It doesn't have the power, graphics, or hard drive that the PS3 or Xbox 360 have, but it just looks so fun. I'd love to try one. Plus, it's only about $280 for the basic set-up.

Now, when I played GH II, I played it on an Xbox 360, and I'm not about to buy one of those. They're like $500 just to get started, and I have an original Xbox that's been suped up and still serves me very well. Imagine my potential glee when I discovered that GH III is going to come out on the Wii when it's released in October. That just about sealed the deal for me. A Wii, and Guitar Hero. Yes, please! Now... I just have to get someone to mod a Wii for me as well, as I'm sure I'd fudge it if I tried on my own.

So, what's Guitar Hero III going to be like? Or what's Guitar Hero all about in the first place? Basically, it's a rhythm game. Aside from the characters and venues and whatnot, you look at an endless fretboard that comes at you. On it are combinations of five coloured buttons that correspond with the buttons that are on the fretboard of your guitar-shaped controller. You try to match 'em in time with the song (as you strum or pick, no less). When you get them right, the song plays as normal. When you don't, the guitar part is silent or you hear your slip-ups. To some, especially players of real guitars, it sounds silly, but when you do it, sweet baby, it's fun. It's like you're rocking out!

Guitar Hero III Video:
Slow Ride
Through Fire & Flames (ridiculous!)
Person playing Rush's YYZ in another version of GH (also pretty funny intro)

So far, this is what the tracklisting looks like for GH III:

Original Songs
"Miss Murder" by AFI
"Through Fire and Flames" by DragonForce
"Number of the Beast" by Iron Maiden
"3's and 7's" by Queens of the Stone Age
"Suck My Kiss" by Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Raining Blood" by Slayer
"Reptilia" by The Strokes
Slash's Original Boss Battle Recording
"Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N' Roses
"Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones
"Cherub Rock" by Smashing Pumpkins
"Sabotage" by Beastie Boys
"The Metal" by Tenacious D
"My Name Is Jonas" by Weezer
"Knights of Cydonia" by Muse
"Even Flow" by Pearl Jam
"Lay Down" by Priestess
"Cult of Personality" by Living Colour
"One" by Metallica

Cover Songs (which sound very close to the original)
"Paranoid" as made famous by Black Sabbath
"Cities on Flame" as made famous by Blue Oyster Cult
"Mississippi Queen" as made famous by Mountain
"La Grange" as made famous by ZZ Top
"Rock and Roll All Nite" as made famous by Kiss
"School's Out" as made famous by Alice Cooper
"Rock You Like a Hurricane" as made famous by Scorpions
"Slow Ride" as made famous by Foghat
"Barracuda" as made famous by Heart

Oh, the guitars this time are all Gibson Les Pauls, by the way, which I love (except for the Gibson Kramer that the PS2 gets).

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Early in the day, before most people came.

PEI's a little place. Aerosmith is a big band. Ten years ago, before the bridge came in, a concert like this on PEI would have been just unimaginable. Well, imagine no more, 'cause big-time acts are starting to come in much more often now. Some I have to pass on, but attending this one was a no-brainer. Here's the summary of the day, from my point of view, with pictures I didn't take.

Now, about 30-35000 people were at this show. The show was to start at 12:30, with doors opening at 12:00. The gate was only 2-4 lines wide. Congestion much? What was the line... half a kilometer? We were backed up to Joe Ghiz park, anyway. In the rain.

To the workers/volunteers' credit, we got in pretty quick, and the concert was late starting, so nothing was missed. C and I got in, walked into the more central licensed area, and plunked down. Of course, though, we had to portage over a few tracts of mud, where people would later mudwrestle, slide, and throw mud. This pic is only a puddle by the track (the horse track, where the show was held).

Now, before the show got under way, an informal survey was done with the damp, scant crowd. Paul Allen asked how many people from PEI, NB, NS, etc., were there. PEIslanders were rare, and pretty much everyone was from NB and NS. I was surprised, but I guess it was true when they said 25,000+ of the tickets came from off-Island.

Now, to make things easier, and since I don't have a Mac, I've made an exciting four-colour graph depicting the awesomeness of the day's acts. I factored in the performance with the crowd response, so keep that in mind.

Allow me to elaborate. Local group is OK. I will not go any farther than that, since I went to high school with two of them, and don't want to swell or deflate their heads. Serena Ryder was awesome. She started with this acapella number that had a lot of edge. I'd like to see her come back and do a whole show. Wil was pretty "meh". His last song was quite good, though. Some slide-guitar bluesy stomp bit. Good stuff. He gave CDs to people in the audience. Ciara was next. She was the one who was "not like the others". To her credit, though, the show wasn't bad. It wasn't great, either, but the crowd was much more receptive and respectful than I thought they'd be. Apparently, the Island also cured her ailment. 54-40 was most excellent as well. They were a great add-on. They rocked, and they played Ocean Pearl, so I was happy. Unfortunately, people didn't seem to know how to work a sing-a-long or answer the band or anything. Stupid mainlanders. Christa Borden isn't even really worth mentioning. She did mostly covers. She was a former Miss teen Newfoundland. She was Bo-ring.

Next up was Cheap Trick. I'm no huge fan, but I have Budokan on vinyl and know several of their tunes. I like 'em. They had a couple of lulls, but they got the crowd going pretty well. Again, I was pissed at the unintelligence of the crowd here, as they didn't know the crowd part in "I Want You To Want Me". Ah well. I enjoyed 'em. I also really enjoyed Nielsen's guitars, particularly his 5-neck one, and the one of... himself.

After a pretty long wait, and the usual teasing by roadies doing checks, the lights went down, and the slick pre-show video came on. Everyone started going bonkers. Then, it was "Love In An Elevator" and everyone went gazonkers! It was raining again, now, but nobody cared. I mean, holy geez. THE Aerosmith was on stage, in front of us, in Charlottetown, at the harness racing park! Here's what they played:

01. Love In An Elevator
02. Same Old Song and Dance
03. Cryin'
04. Eat The Rich
05. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
06. Jaded
07. What It Takes
08. Last Child
09. Baby Please Don't Go
10. Hangman Jury/Seasons Of Wither
11. Dream On
12. S.O.S. (Too Bad)
13. Livin' On The Edge
14. Stop Messin' Around
15. Sweet Emotion
16. Draw The Line


17. Walk This Way

The lighting was good, as were the onstage cameras and video screen, so they looked great. They sounded unbelievable! Everyone's sound was in pretty much perfect balance, and every note was hit just right. Tyler's voice truly lived up to the "Demon of Screamin'" nickname. He was pretty impressive. He even teased us (of course), by doing things like getting right up in a camera's lens during "What It Takes", and teasing out the chorus, like,

"...without thinkin' you've lost everything that was good in your life to a toss...


(wait for it... as he playfully looks around)



A similar wail, but not the above one.

They cranked out the hits, balls-to-the-wall style, rockin' all the way, with a couple of bluesy numbers thrown in, too. Joe Perry is an OK singer, but it was nice to hear him take the lead. He's even a less OK public speaker, but he wanted to tell us about his carbon-fibre guitar that was co-designed by MIT and NASA. Apparently it doesn't go out of tune or something.

Where he lacked in voice, he more or less destroyed on guitar. Great solos, lots of feeling, I mean... he tore off his shirt and whipped his guitar with it as the guitar lay on the stage. He also used a theramin in the middle of a solo, which I thought was very cool. Not cheesey at all. Just cool. I didn't see pics of either yet, mostly 'cause I don't have high-speed internet, and the site I found many pics on is SLOW and these pics even slower. Check out There should still be lots of pic goodness there. I think. And here.

So, without rambling on and on, it was an awesome show. For a big show, in my life, I think it's second only to the SARS show in Downsview park, in particular, AC/DC's set.

Not everything about it was perfect, though. Some people didn't share my easy-going, wowed experience. is a site that popped up in response to the VIP experience at the show. Apparently, folks thought that if they payed close to triple, they would get to sit on Tyler's lap and lick sweat off him before their beer shots, just before their humungous buffet feast in the middle of the show. OK. Perhaps that's some hyperbole there. But, the VIP section was closer than the vast majority of the other concert goers. About the beer and food, I dunno. Different people had different experiences. But for some people to say stuff like, "We are seriously considering launching a class action lawsuit against the municipal and provincial governments and the owners of the CDPEC, the federal agency ACOA" is just ridonculous. Chill out, doofuses. get over yourselves. It was a concert, and a damned good one. I think (a perhaps misinformed) Steve Tyler said it best when he said, "Someone told me there's like 30,000 people that live here, and there's 35,000 people here tonight. What the fuck is going on?!"

That being said, I would like to give everyone a reminder of three concert commandments. You should follow them.

1. Put. The bitch. Down. She doesn't need to be on your shoulders, and she blocks everyone's view.
2. The concert started when it started, not when the last band is about to come on/is playing. Get there on time, and stay where you want to be. Make sure you find a spot where you can see.
3. Be polite. Don't push people, and don't expect them to let you through when you mistake them for a turnstile at Canadian Tire. Expect to feel resistance. Or force. I hope force.

I'm sure there were some more commandments I was thinking of, but I've been picking away at this post for days and just want to get it up. So, the Coles notes version: overall the concert rocked, Aerosmith was fantastic, some people are morons, and some sook and wine too much.

Just a little note on Big Brother, which I wish was on every night. "God is so gangtsa. That's what I love about him." I think this quote by Jameka, a BB8 contestant, is the funniest unintentionally funny thing I've heard in a long time.

I really really really wish Amber would stop crying. She literally cries about e v e r y t h i n g.

I wonder who'll get nominated on Sunday? Daniele won HoH, but apparently she and Dick think something is fishy with Eric and these unaccounted-for votes. Plus, during this last HoH, someone flew a banner over the house which partially read "Amber and Eric are liars" (in addition to loving Nick, and the Late Night Crew being a Nerd Herd). I hope this doesn't spell doom for Eric!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

This whole building thing is a summer-sucking stressball. Really, doing the work isn't stressful. Mostly time-consuming. It can be hot and tiresome, but hey... it's good exercise, and it's saving our storage building. I'm awfully glad that we have my dad and his knowledge & free labour to count on. Especially since the materials are costing so much! It's up to almost $3600 now, and we started a week ago Monday. This has bought a 100% new roof, though (manufactured trusses, shingles, etc.), new vinyl siding and styrofoam insulation for underneath it, new garage door and "regular" door, two new windows, lumber, nails, etc. Really, it's getting done economically, I suppose. I'm just cheesed off at how much our waste cost! I arranged for a dumpster through my uncle who works in construction. He said this guy would "take care of me" since he sends him lots of business. Anyway, it was $110 just t get the dumpser dropped off and picked up, and the tippage fee was supposedly supposed to be around $40 per tonne instead of the company's regular $75. Apparently, it cost them $192 to "tip" our garbage. Was a tip... er, gratuity included in that? I didn't think we created, like, 3 tonnes of waste. I'm going to call the place and ask them how much our waste weighed, and, depending on the number, maybe tell them my uncle said it'd be cheaper (though I don't want to drag him into it). Hrmm... do I call my uncle or not...

Damned construction. How am I going to get a Wii for me or a laptop for C?

At least we'll have a good building out back now, and it's nice to see the difference as we go. I just needed to vent the money woes a bit, mostly because of this garbage garbage. I'll give a total before-and-after recap when it's done, but here's a taste:

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Oh, the train wreck with an endless amount of inertia that is Britney Spears. I read this the other day and thought it was pretty funny. I'll sum it up for you to save you the bother. One of her bodyguards assaulted a photographer. Her bodyguard's last name is Camera. It was meant to happen! How could she not notice that when she hired him? Then again, she did just sit and watch as her dog crapped on a designer dress on that recent OK! photoshoot.

The poor dear is also on the fast track to Minelliville. Once the transformation is complete, the only differences will be that Liza will be thinner, more tanned, and not have stick-outie ears.