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Friday, October 28, 2005

I'm sure this was on the minds of all youngin's my age... way back when Thriller came out (it was the first actual album I remember coming out... it was an event!). When the epic video for Thriller aired, it was uber-cool. It had Michael, dancing, and best of all, horror and zombies! It was, like, the best Halloween-themed video ever, and it was really long to boot! I can pretty much visualize the whole thing in my mind still... Mike's girly voice explaining how he's "different", his transformation, the chase, the grave, the dancin', the music-less zombie house, with the undead tearing away boards and walls, Mike's evil eyes at the end, and don't forget Vincent Price! It was a classic. There wasn't a ton of stuff I liked to write about back then, but this was worthy, and still is. Check out my detailed drawings, complete with zombies in the house, and zombie-Mike with that wicked jacket! I also like how I said he "turd into a wear wolf". Ah, unintentional humour...

Check out this excellent version of the video, as done with Lego and stop-motion movie-making.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Matt Andersen

I just know that Colleen's going to be looking for this post. Or not. Either way, it merits posting. You know that when it's the first thing since my birthday to get me back on the posting horse, it's gotta be good.

A week or so ago, Colleen, a friend of mine via Wide Mouth Mason, e-mailed me. She told me about this guy that was supposedly kick-ass, called Matt Andersen. She said he was a great singer / guitar player, with a bluesy / rootsy slant. He was coming to Myron's, and she thought I should go. She also promised free booze. It sounded up my alley. I've been pretty lazy when it comes to shows, recently. I've passed on several killer shows this fall. This is mostly since pretty much all my concert-going friends have moved away... which leaves me to go to bar shows on my own. I used to do it frequently, but nowadays... it's harder to get motivated. This time, though, the promise of seeing someone I don't see much, coupled with an apparently great and new-to-me act had me hooked. Out of the Friday and Saturday shows, I went on Saturday.

To start off, there was our table of six in attendance. That was it, except for staff. Pretty "intimate". He still put his guts and heart into it, though, and I was pretty impressed. Not nearly as impressed as I was later. In "act 3" of his set (which went from 8-something to 11-something, including 2 breaks), a few more people were watching. He had drawn out the band from the other side of of the bar, plus a few others. With more of an audience, he just got more intense, soulful, and fast. I don't think I've ever really seen anyone with acousctic guitar chops like that. He threw in more licks, tricks, and curveballs... and his ginormous hands had more moves than a chicken on caffeine and Ex-lax. He did some tunes with a slide, too, which was nice. It was easy to see that he was good, since the band was just staring and laughing in awe. Dion, who was at the end of our table (and plays guitar as well), would just lean forward, mouth agape, during solos... and occasionally giggle. Like a girl. I pretty much found myself doing the same. He was that good he makes you giddy. I don't recall the last time I saw something like that / had live music that did that. He was just unexpectedly good.

He also seems like a nice guy. Since Colleen and co. have been following him around, and have gotten to know him, he sat in our booth in between sets.

It was a great evening. There wasn't any cover charge, which was nice. The only money I had to spend was on the live CD you see above, bought after the show. I highly recommend it. However, keep in mind that good as it is, it's a fraction of the energy, speed, skill, trickery, and heart that you'll see in a live show. Let's put it this way. He's back in November, opening for some modern country band... Pathsaws... Routedrills... or is it Roadhammers... something like that. I'm considering going despite this. Yep. That good.