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Sunday, July 20, 2008

You must see this movie. So, so good. When I wasn't constantly smiling, I was welling up. If I was in the theatre alone, I probably would have cried three times, which never EVER happens. Awesome. It's in theatres right now (City Cinema, here in C'town). C and I decided against WALL-E (which I've heard is great) to go see this instead. An inspiring, heart-warming, saddening, uplifting, entertaining piece of work. Love it.

The group's site.

The movie's space on IMDB.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Like Colin James said, "It's been five long years, and I love you just the same."
Hopefully we'll never get to this point:

Friday, July 18, 2008

I keep all my capsuled calcium in a bottle labelled "Cocaine" in my cupboard. Which is the exact opposite of Steven Page, who keeps his blow in a bottle labelled "Calcium". Seriously, I can't believe Page actually does hard drugs (what's that mean, anyway... as oppsed to the easy ones?). When I heard he got caught, I figured it was the chicks he was with. I mean, he's married! Then, when I heard he and his wife split, I was like... oh... maybeeee. It's all a little tough to believe. Even if he has a million dollars, maybe he'll end up eating more Kraft Dinner... in the clink! how prophetic would that be (minus the Dijon ketchup)?

I hope our weather is good for our upcoming Quebec adventure. It looks like showers to start it off, though. The weather for the thing I'm sorry I'm missing, though, looks good. Paul McCartney is playing a free show on the Plains of Abraham for 200,000-ish people. It's ironically funny to have a Brit playing a show for the French there hundreds of years after the fact. McCartney knows that, but those sovereigntist whackjobs in Quebec can't stand it. They argue that his presence is overly "Canadianizing" the city's celebration." Ridiculous! And... he's British! McCartney had some good comments on it, though... "I think it's time to smoke the pipes of peace, and to just put away your hatchets," and "What are they moaning about? They won. I wouldn't have minded if they lost. It's me that should be moaning, right? I'm only kidding you know." He also commented that he wants all the "Quebeckians" to love him, and hopes he and his band will "conquer Quebec this time." Gotta love him & despise those whackos. Too bad I'll be missing the show.

This has nothing to do with anything, but I had to share it. 20 Baby products great for traumatizing infants. A few highlights:

The Rastafarian baby in #2.

I'd be traumatized by the "manual snot sucker".

Although I'd seen the baby mop before, I love the instructions.

Monday, July 07, 2008

It's crazy how much I'm looking forward to Matt Mays & El Torpedo's new album this week, and it's ridonculous how much I love that new tune, "Tall Trees". I've been trying to figure the lyrics, and pretty much have it all figgered out, save for a couple or few words. After listening and listening today, I decided to try searching again (there was previously nothin' out there for it). While searching today, I came up with this gem: (play the song in the post below while you read for full effect)

You're on a leek, Gonna sing you a song
Two hundred years in the ground
Tall trees hangin' over the road
Feels like... they're starin' me doooowwwwn
It's in the way that they sway
It's the feeling I git
They just don't want me around
Tall trees hangin' over the road
Feels like... they're starin' me doooowwwwn
Who's gonna love you when I'm gone?
Sittin' leaves to the wind
I'll give her to you in a while
And find... Somebody new in the Spring
When the sun melts snow
And the water runs down
A little lol river flow
And I laid with your tissy
In the grass tonight
And watch him, gro... gro... GROW OH OH OH
Sleep in the weight thing... smilin' bin
Gimme a ride downtown
Tall trees hangin' over the road
Feels like... they're starin' me doooowwwwn
Tall trees hangin' over the road
Feels like... they're starin' me doooowwwwn
Tall trees hangin' over the road
Feels like... they're starin' me doooowwwwn
They're starin' me doooowwwwn
They're starin' me DOOOOOOWWWWWWWN
(Amazing guitar solo)
OW OH OH UH OH OH (Repeat)

Ow OH OH UH OH OH that hurts! That's too funny. Did they edit this at all? Did they look over it to see if it made any sense? Sure, some of it's right, but the wrong stuff is terrible... terribly awesome!

As a side note, I ordered the CD from his site a couple or few days ago... 12.99 plus GST. Not bad. Plus, there's supposedly a "really good chance" I'll get a signed copy. I'd damned well better! It's the main reason I ordered through him (that, and band support). After shipping, it came to over $19, whereas Future Shop has it on sale tomorrow for $9.99. I hope it actually arrives tomorrow or in the next few days, too. I'll keep ya posted.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

It's summertime, bitches! Time for travel! Food! Music! Video games! Theatre! Lazing about! Trying to avoid yard work! Beer! Reflection!

Yes, reflection... I'm thinking I've got a stand-up routine that's building itself. It started with my Swiss Chalet revelation a post or two ago. Then I was thinking... can fetal alcohol syndrome also apply to men? Like... they start drinking more when they find out their special lady's preggers? Also, how having a child is a joint decision between a man and a woman. I figure that must mean marijuana... like, you'd have to be stoned to plan having one. Or, one person could be convinced to have one if they're having a j. I wonder how this will keep unfurling...

Summer = music! I went to a "special-pass-only" warm-up gig put on by Molson last Saturday. It featured Chris Colepaugh and The Cosmic Crew, of which I am now a fan. He rocks pretty hard with that double-neck Gibson. I had 'em figgered as more of a psych-rock jam outfit. I'm happy to say I was wrong. The Trews played about 7-8 songs or somethings like that. I swear... of all the shows I've ever seen, it was top three in terms of volume for sure. It was a good show, but uncomfortable for the ears. That night, I went to see the main show, kicking off the Festival of Lights in town. State of Shock were blah and instantly forgettable. Like, right in the middle of the show. The Trews came on next and were great. With their growing catalog of songs, it gets less important that their sound isn't too diverse. They did a great mucho-rockin' cover of "These Arms of Mine". To close the night was Billy Talent. They were F'n A. They did a new song called "Turn Your Back" which almost has a "Run, Run Away" or Irish drinking song beat. It had even the skeptics going, "This is pretty friggin' awesome." Have a listen down there.

I am enjoying Matt Mays & El Torpedo's new song "Tall Trees" entirely too much. It's on repeat. I think you can hear it here. I think our similar age and shared eastern-ness makes me "get him" or something. Whatever. I'm totally stoked to get the new CD next week, esp. since "Building A Boat" is on it, too. I just pre-ordered it today from his site in hopes of getting a signed copy.

There's a local site that I just heard of a week or so ago. I've shared it with a couple of you already, and posted it on Facebook. You really should check it out. I've only seen about 2.5 of the whole set of videos, but they're pretty friggin' funny. "The Streets" is a great parody, and I'm currently loading ( for hours now... dial-up, remember) "The Littlest Jeremy". Frickin' hilarious. Check out some of our Island humour, akin to Sketch 22.

(That's our place with the green sign.)

We've also started booking our trip to Quebec. While in QC, we're going to stay at an old place within the walls of vieux Quebec. The funny thing is that the woman the place is named after... her husband had ties to Catherine de Medici... while in Italy last March, we learned meatballs' worth of info on the Medici family, and saw so much of their influence and mark on the country.
I'm a little disappointed in that a couple of days before we land there, Paul McCartney is putting on a free show on the Plains of Abraham (a the French having a Brit help to celebrate their 400 years there on that battlefield? priceless). Ah well. I can't linger on it. I'll get depressed. The plan is to be in QC for 2-3 days and come back via the Gaspe peninsula over about 3-4 days.
Should be fun! Any travelling tips for la belle province?