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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Everything else aside, that I'll post here later, this is just the nitty gritty facts on the show.

In the setlist was a hint of "My New Self" during "My Old Self", a bit of "You Can't Always Get What You Want" in "Sugarcane", and a bit of "All It Amounts To".

Unfortunately, I think this was the most poorly-attended WMM show ever on PEI. I think a few things fed into that... it was a Thursday, poor advertising, no local radio play of new songs, no play on Much, university's Spring Break, and the fact it'd been 3 and a half years since the last show (which I reminded them of). Earl and Shaun said it was alright, though... we were all into the show and were appreciative... so it was OK. How many was "we"? I dunno... maybe 50? I was really disappointed. That's not usually how PEI comes out for the guys... it's usually pretty packed. Ah well. I hope they still get called back here soon.

I decided to not be the total "superfan / documentarian" this time. Basically, I just didn't bring my camera in. I suppose I should have. I always have in the past. I guess I just wanted to be unencumbered this time, just enjoy the show. Of course, now, I wish I brought my camera in. I broke my streak.

Shaun wore just a purplish striped dress shirt and jeans. Simon wore a t-shirt and brown pants, maybe. Earl had the camo army cap on, tank top, bands on the elbows, and the usual fare for pants.

Everything about the show seemed kind of stripped down. Shaun only had 2 guitars, the venue had to be asked (nicely) by Shaun twice to get some towels during the show. A girl offered herself to dry them, but thank God, the towels came. I found watching Simon to be kind of bland compared to Saf. No facial contortions (including tongue Razz), or emotion at all. No added vocals, nothing fancy. All business. He hits hard, though, and plays well. He broke a couple sticks, and a big chunk of one was stuck to the backdrop behind him for the whole show. I also found Shaun and Earl to be kind of out-of-sync sometimes, like some bad note combos. Not the norm. Sound was also muddy for the first several songs. That was no fault of theirs, though. Plus, my ears were just nakedly adjusting to the volume. This was one of their bluesier shows, kind of like back in the old days. They started out with all the rock, did some bluesy funk towards the finish, and did a great "Mary, Mary" at the end. I also liked the bluesy stomp tune which led into MM. I like seeing how Shaun's changed his showmanship moves... with the forearm on the forehead a lot now when he's playing... kind of reminded me of Prince doing his hair when he was soloing in a tune on SNL a few weeks ago. They all had some good solos, and Shaun had a lot of great ones. He had the longest tooth-solo during MM that I've ever seen, and it was the first time I ever saw him snap himself out of what appeared to be an eyes-closed trance during a solo. It was almost like he woke up with a jolt.

Everything around the show said "small", but of course, the guys put on a "big" show. They always kick ass, and dagnabbit, I love 'em for it. My WMM concert virgin friend I brought along was very impressed, including how excited Earl was to see me at the end of the encore.
And despite his shyness, I forced him to let me introduce him to the guys.

I also got my poster for their independent CD, The Nazarene (which both were more than surprised to see) and China CD signed.

As always, a fantastic eve. I just wish more people were there.

The chats, postable news, and funny girl stories I'll post later.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I'm feeling in a bit of a funk tonight. Kind of anxious. Kind of tired. Kind of excited. Tomorrow is a long day but, at least at the end of it, I get to watch what could be my favourite band live for the first time in over three years. Since they're somewhat "acquaintances" of mine, too, I hope I at least get a couple of minutes to chat after the show before I have to shuffle home. So... take this as a preview of a post within a few days which will deal with what I've been thinking of for a long time... me, music, musicians, and our interrelationships. It should get deep.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Day one was all fine, with a little fogginess thrown in. Day two was all good. No pain, and I don't think even any swelling! Late yesterday (day two), I felt a bit of heat / discomfort / swelling? on my left cheek (the side with stitches). It went away. This morning, I woke up at 4am and things were pretty sore in there. I decided to take one of the "super pills", and slept 'til about 11:30. Those things really are great at a time like this.
My left cheek is visibly swollen today. Not a lot, like a chipmunk or anything, but I can see and feel some difference. I hope this is as bad as it gets! I don't want to be all puffy and sore at school... squirting salt water into all 4 holes several times while at school will be enough of an annoyance.

Meanwhile, my Mrs. is working at school (oh, teachers get soooo much time off [which we don't get paid for by the way], and they have soooo much free time... bullshit!) , and then going to watch Brokeback Mountain. Me, I'm at home nursing my face, watching Brokeback to the Future.

Friday, February 03, 2006

No this isn't my actual gauze, and that isn't one of my teeth. I just needed the visuals. :)

Well, the deed has been done. I am now lighter, having lost 4 teeth. I went in, a little nervous. I'd never been put under for anything, and I wasn't crazy about the needle in my hand idea. So, I went in just before 8am with my mother-in-law, and after feeling some apprehension before signing my name on the "accidents can happen" sheet, went inside. A nice little gal got me hooked up to about 4 different things, and then tried hooking up the IV. Apparently, I have the crookedest veins she's ever seen. So, it took her two tries. It was a bit of a poke, but nothing serious. As I sat there, one arm strapped down, the other free save for the two things I was hooked up to, the idea flashed through my head, "I'm gonna leave. I don't want to do this that badly." But, as soon as I had the idea it was gone. Mind over matter. I was in good hands, right? She put some salt and water through the IV first, then something to dry my mouth out so I wouldn't be all drooly. After that was the sedative. I felt it almost immediately. Then it was gone. She gave me a bit more, same thing again. Another lady came in, chatted for a second, put a big black thing between my teeth to keep my mouth open, I think I may have gotten some more sedative, and that's the last thing I remember. I think they said it only took like 20 minutes or something to get them all out. I know their roots were all straight, so that must've helped. I only had to get a couple stitches on one side.

I woke up on a bed, in a little nook, with one of the ladies, and my mother-in-law standing nearby. I was groggy, but OK. I don't recall if there was gauze already in my mouth then or not. There must have been. The lady gave my mother-in-law all kinds of instructions, I heard them all, but in my fog, can't recall them all when I try to remember them. We left out a back door, I think... I'm not sure. I was a bit wobbly, but fairly sure-footed. We drove back to my house.

I think I changed the gauze, then went for a snooze. I changed the gauze every hour after a dozing session, until it was around only half blood. I figured it was close enough. It had been more than long enough anyway. I had my meds as I went through the evening, and a couple of smoothees, and I was fine. I was pretty comfortably sleepy 'round the time Survivor came on, but I was feeling OK. No pain at all, except once when I ate. My chin was still frozen 'til late in the evening. There seemed to be no swelling, and no pain. All was good.

This morning, I woke up, and feel fine. I think I may be getting a cold, so I'm taking some Cold-FX for that. That stuff works. I had a chocolate-banana smoothee for breakfast, had my anti-inflammatories, brushed my teeth, did the mouthwash thing, and have been rinsing with my salt water. So far, so good, I'd have to say. I seem to be free of any pain, bruising, or swelling. I have a spot under my chin that's a little tender (he must've used it for a grip or leverage or something), but everything else seems cool so far (knock on wood... drumsticks actually). I hope this continues... I'm feelin' pretty normal! :D

Check this not-so-normal wisdom teeth cartoon out:
(click on the pic)